The Batman Coolmoviez (2022)

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Name The Batman
Genre Action/Adventure
Language English
Release Date 4 March 2022
Running time 2h 56m
Directed by Matt Reeves
Country United States
Budget $185–200 million

The Batman is an American superhero film that was made available in 2022. It is inspired by Batman and Batman from DC Comics. The film is a reboot of the Batman film franchise , and was made by Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Films, 6th & Idaho and Dylan Clark Productions. The film was written and directed by written by Matt Reeves. Robert Pattinson stars as Bruce Wayneas Bruce Wayne or Batman along with Zoe Kravitz and Paul Dano. Batman is a superhero who is fighting crime for the past two years in Gotham City, is seen exposing corruption while pursuing the Riddler Dano who is a serial killer who is targeting Gotham’s most affluent.

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The Batman Coolmoviez Review (2022)

“The Batman” is a tale about fighting injustices committed by those who are wronged. But, director/writer Matt Reeves captures your attention from the very beginning and never lets go. The Batman reboot introduces an antagonist who is as strong, if not greater than the hero, and is determined to take down the corrupt. It’s a thrilling conflict we, as viewers, can enjoy as we contemplate which side to support.

Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) A billionaire, Bruce Wayne is performing his superhero duties wearing a cape and Batman mask and helping those who are in need. However, a brutal murder of the city’s mayor (Rupert Penry Jones) alters his priorities. As increasing numbers of powerful men are murdered, the story gets more sinister. Every murder provides clues to Batman to discover. Paul Dano, Riddler) is unearthing dark and disturbing details about Gotham City’s two most powerful families who are directly connected to Batman. This time, it’s extremely personal.

It’s a typical Hollywood blockbuster with a serial killer, who is an insane serial killer who is able to kill in new ways. There’s not one scene under the entire universe. The villain is a vigilante who’s identity is hidden however his motive is clear and no longer lies. He’s one step ahead of the law enforcement agencies, and also the hero of the film. James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) who is often summoned to the scene by his investigator is unable to stop him at the expense of his coworkers. The execution of the film is more specific and the murders are not as violent. When each victim is identified, the film progresses toward a conclusion. Reeves as well as Peter Craig, his co-writer ensure that they include sufficient plot twists for viewers to keep them engaged despite the fact that certain things seem predictable. Some of them aren’t credible. For instance, take Selina Kyle (Zoe Kravitz’s) track. It’s a textbook however, it’s not entirely convincing.

The action is paced naturally and with regular intervals. There are many blasts, fist fights, and intense car chases (Batmobile included). The action is presented in small portions to ensure that it doesn’t become excessive. While the movie is lengthy and dark themes are equally dispersed throughout, we can’t have to complain. There’s enough suspense for you to keep your eye on until the final reveal.

Robert Pattison is cool, even in the most difficult circumstances. Pattison is stunning in his suit, and is equally strong and vulnerable in his absence. He’s also constantly contemplative. Pattison has a charismatic charm that is hard to resist. Zoe Kravitz is an excellent choice to play the mysterious and slim Selina. She effortlessly fits perfectly into the Catwoman role. While Colin Farrell is not recognisable as Penguin but he does bring some comedy to the film’s gruesome scenes. Paul Dano is a frustrated evil genius who has the right motivation, but with the wrong tactics.

Reeves vision is communicated through the dark and sombre atmospheres of Gotham City that play a crucial part in making watching movies enjoyable. “The Batman” is an intense and gritty thriller right from the very beginning. While comparisons to Christopher Nolan’s legacy of ‘The Dark Knight is inevitable but they’re not justified. The film is a stand-alone film that has everything you need to make an intense and delicious mind-bending experience. The film stars the character of the caped crusader, who is more human than ever before.

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